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I see a lot of beauty in this world. Beauty in the patterns of growth and life and in the mechanisms of survival. Beauty in the forms of function.

As a child I immersed myself in the world of meadows and streams that surrounded our house in the Moutere.

I was infinitely more interested in my surroundings than a formal education.

I grew up in the village atmosphere of Riverside Community, a wonderful place to to be a child.

Riverside was set up by Christian, mostly methodist, pacifists in the 1940's.

In my late twenty's I formalized my lifelong fascination with the natural world by studying biology.

I developed a understanding of, and passion for the evolution of forms which has greatly influenced my art.


My art reflects my fascination with the patterns of life, the fractal nature of growth.

My desire is to deconstruct and redesign. Not to build a better mouse but to shift the peramaters and see what evolves.

For me the beauty is in the mechanisms of survival that form the random cohesion that surrounds us. Form and function are inextricably related and could be one word, it works or its not.

This is reflected in the human world, and can be seen in something as simple as the growth of a path through the forest, or as complex as the organic expansion of a city's infrastructure.

My latest body of work is looking at the patterns formed as energy and matter change state.

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I have recently set up my own studio and gallery at Riverside.

Ché Vincent
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